Swings By Mefford

Swings By Mefford
Assembly Instructions
What You Get: 2 - 3" Woodscrews, 3 - 1 1/2" Carriage Bolts, 2 4" Carriage Bolts, 5 Nuts, 5 Washers, 2 separate long chains
Tools You'll Need: Phillips Screwdriver, Crescent Wrench or Socket Wrench
     When you receive your swing, it will have 4 major pieces to put together: the bottom, the back & the 2 arms on the sides. The struts that support the swing in the back are fitted with reinforced steel brackets. These brackets are already on the bottom piece of the swing. Simply place the back of the swing into the grooves of the brackets on the bottom piece of the swing and tighten on the 3 small sized carriage bolts with your crescent or socket wrench.

     Next, fit the arms into the proper grooves in the front and the middle of the back of the swing. Screw in your wood screws in the back of the middle of the swing. You should see pre-drilled counter-sunk holes for your 2 woodscrews.

     Lastly, hang the long part of your chain from your hooks on your patio or porch. When the chain is hanging down, you should have a long chain that divides into 2 chains at the bottom. Leave alot of slack as you attach the chains to your swing. Also, set your swing on two egg-crates or boxes while your attaching the chain to the swing...This will make it much easier. You'll find the other ends of the chain are marked with tape so that you put the top chain on the top and the bottom chain on the bottom. The top chain has an eye-hook at the end. Put the eye-hook through the hole at the top end of the swing and tighten a washer and nut to the back...do the same on the other side. Next, put your long 4" carriage bolts through the bottom/front holes that have been pre-drilled. There should be enough bolt coming out through the back where you can attach the other end of your chain. Tighten a washer and nut to the bolt...do the same on the other side.

     That's it. We hope your swing brings you many peacefull days on your porch or patio. Thank you again for purchasing Swings By Mefford.

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